Welcome to FOLD1 (Fast Online Lighting Design 1), easy luminaire selection and quick calculations for indoor lighting, rooms with tiled ceilings with a grid size of 0,6 meter.

Easy luminaire selection

Because you just want to determine what type and quantity of luminaires you need to attain the required lux level, and at the lowest possible cost.
Without extensive product knowledge, catalogue browsing or elaborate lighting design behind the PC.

Quick calculations

For small jobs all you want to know is: how many you need, and where to place them.

Tiled ceilings

In renovation and utility buildings tiled ceilings are often used. Because of low cost, ease of installation and accessible infrastructure.

Why grid size 0,6 meter?

  • The most commonly used grid size.
  • Luminaires should go in the center of a tile.
  • You can't fit a luminaire on a tile boundary.